C & C Psychological Services
     Choices & Connections for Life
Deborah Gladding, Psy.D.

(480) 516-1305

Professional Psychological Services
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Child and Adolescent Assessment and Therapy
--  Behavior problems
--  Family conflict
--  Bullying
--  Academic and school problems
--  Self-esteem
--  Anxiety
--  Depression

Practice Focus
I provide psychotherapy/counseling for families, children, adolescents, couples and adults of all ages.  I also provide psychological assessment services for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes.  Each client's individual needs are addressed in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere.  As a clinical psychologist, I do not prescribe mediations; however, the opportunity to collaborate with prescribers is encouraged.
Family Therapy
--  Relationship problems
--  Difficulties with life transitions
--  Conflict resolution
--  Parent education and training
Adult Assessment and Therapy
--  Depression
--  Anxiety
--  Interpersonal and relationship difficulties
--  Grief and loss
--  Stress management
--  Anger management
Couple Assessment and Therapy
--  Relationship problems
--  Difficulties with life transitions
--  Conflict resolution
--  Marital counseing